Teach a Child French – Dual Language / Bilingual French – English Books for Children

Teaching French to young children is not difficult if you remember a little French from your own schooldays. This series of bilingual easy learning story books featuring the adventures of Camille and her teddy has been designed to help parents introduce their children to the French language while they are very young by making it fun to learn. The original versions of the books have sold millions of copies in France and wherever French is spoken. Now available for the first time as dual language parallel text French / English books they can even be used to teach both languages at the same time, as indeed they were with Erin, see video link below.

                                                                 Click to watch five-year-old Erin reading Camille a fait pipi dans sa culotte.

Camille and Teddy are two of the best loved characters in French story books. Camille makes all the mistakes in life that are common to children everywhere, and she learns a valuable lesson in every book. Teddy never says anything but he’s a clever little bear and you can always tell what he’s thinking by the expression on his face.

Parallel text means that as far as is practicable, each line of the English text on the right hand page exactly mirrors the same line of French on the left hand page. There are, of course, differences of grammatical construction between the two languages, so there are a few instances where this has not been possible.

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