Camille goes to the Doctor’s

Camille Goes To The Doctor’s

Below is brief synopsis of the book.

Camille has to go to the doctor’s for an injection, which her friend told her was jolly painful, although the doctor did give her a sweetie afterwards to make up for all the suffering. Camille is not over keen on the idea, even with the prospect of a sweetie afterwards, so she thinks of a cunning plan…

Please note: As far as practicable, each line of English text on the right hand page exactly mirrors the same line of French on the left hand page, thus making comparisons easier. There are, of course, differences of grammatical construction between the two languages, so there are a few instances where this has not been possible.


A soundtrack is available in French in order to assist with the correct pronunciation of the text. To play the soundtrack, simply click on the flag. If you wish to download the file to play later, then simply click the download button.

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Titles include, Camille has had a nightmare, Camille goes to the Doctor’s and Camille goes to the Park.

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I just wanted to let you know that my daughter and I have just finished reading our first Camille book and we both loved it!

My son loves the Camille books and I'm really impressed with how his french is progressing!

We are planning a trip to France next year and we've bought two of these books for our Granddaughter and she loves them!