The Illustrator

Nancy Delvaux

Nancy Delvaux was born in 1970 near Liège in Belgium. After studying illustration at St Luc (Liège), she began to illustrate books for children.

Some titles include, “Les autres et moi” (6 titles) for Lipokili Editions. The “Camille” series (42 titles) for Editions Hemma. “Seek and find with Theo” (2 titles), and several collections of stories for Hemma.

She also illustrated in part the “Search and find in Belgium” for Editions Auzou.
Nancy Delvaux collaborates with magazines for the youth press including magazines Winnie (Disney Hachette press), Papoum,  Abricot (Editions Fleurus), Stories for the little ones (Editions Milan), Dorémi (Editions Averbode).

She has just finished a new title of Camille “Camille takes the plane”.
In addition to her work as an illustrator, she organizes and runs creative workshops and workshops for children.

Nancy Delvaux married Jean-Luc Delvaux (of the same name!) himself a cartoonist of BD (Jacques Gipar series with Paquet Editions). She is the mother of two girls. The eldest was born at the same time as the Camille series and inspired her a lot!

I just wanted to let you know that my daughter and I have just finished reading our first Camille book and we both loved it!

My son loves the Camille books and I'm really impressed with how his french is progressing!

We are planning a trip to France next year and we've bought two of these books for our Granddaughter and she loves them!