The Author

Aline de Pétigny


I’m very pleased to know that Camille will appear in English.

I am the author of about 120 books for children as well as an illustrator.

My 4 children are big now, Theodora, the youngest at 18 years old. They grew up between writing, drawing, music. Our home has always been a free and joyful home, where doing what we love is paramount.

I love stories, welcome in songs, opera, movies, books, theatre. I write as I read, without knowing what will happen. I have a vague idea, of course, as I am a book, I have an idea or two about what will happen to heroes and heroines, but I do not really dwell on it. I repeat the writing of a reading, to know what will happen.

My texts range from songs to fantasy novels, tales, poetry, fairy lyrics.

In 2002 I created with Albert de Pétigny, my brother, Pourpenser Editions. The purpose of this house is to convey to younger children a life-questioning point of view.

16 years afterwards, this publishing house has more than 100 titles and some fifty authors accompany us.

One of my daughters last night asked me after reading a new story where I found my ideas. My ideas, my inspiration, are in my life, my everyday life, my family life, friendly, but also in my inner life, where the invisible and the imaginary mingle.

My books, for the most part, are at the crossroads of poetry and this inner life.

Do not hesitate to discover my books that I publish from my home.


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